Graph a function from function input

Can someone help me get started on how to graph a linear or exponential function from the function input box?

I don’t need to check the answer. I just need to graph to show up, so students can adjust their function to fit a series of data points.

Also, is there a way to have the graph automatically change the scale and steps according to the data on a table?

Lastly, can the function input be carried to the function input on the next page?

Thanks a lot!

I think I have figured out how to graph the functions.
I need to create some number lists for the function in the graph!

But I can’t make the graph change the zoom in and zoom out scale automatically. Students also can’t change it in the activity…

You can graph functions in graphs (without lists) by defining your function in the CL, then something like this in the actual graph:


Setting your graph bounds will depend on how you want to set those parameters.