Slide not counting answer correct

Would someone be willing to take a look at slide 6 and 11 on this activity. For some reason it’s not counting either correct answer as correct on slide 6 and only one of the two answers correct on slide 11. I can’t find what’s wrong with my code on those slides.

Typically if you can check a numerical value that is preferred over trying to match the LaTex. I think the $ is throwing it off. For instance, I did this on screen 6 for q5a

correct= q5a.latex=$7 or q5a.latex=$7.00

CORRECT= this.numericValue=7 #this refers to whatever component you are putting the script in
initialLatex: $
disableEvaluation: true
correct: CORRECT
Score = when CORRECT “1” otherwise “0”

Note it is probably easier to just change the correct=q5a.numericValue=7 so as to avoid recoding the student feedback.