Sketch's textbox copy to another sketch

Is there a way to use the background:sketchLayer… CL to have the text in a sketch be copied into another sketch?

Name the first sketch (I named mine s3 here)

then in the CL of the next sketch type

background: sketchLayer(s3.sketch)

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Was this fixed? I know they were working on it, but textboxes and equation boxes don’t copy as far as I know as of yet.

Not yet, but working on it.


I am looking to be able to do this, too. Is the answer still “working on it”?

Still are, yea. This is a very popular request so I’ll make sure to announce it here when we release something.

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My bad! I definitely read the issue incorrectly. Looking forward to when this is possible for the textboxes and equation boxes.

I’m assuming this is still in the “working on it” category? I was keen to build something up over a number of screens but can’t think of any workaround.

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Any progress. Would be really helpful.