Slope of a line lesson

I am creating async lessons, this is the latest one. Any feed back would be appreciative.

I’m a newbie too, so I know how valuable the feedback can be!

It looks like the final screen might not be evaluating some answers properly? My eyes are really tired, so I might be missing something, but some of the “incorrect” answers looked correct to me. :slight_smile:

When I entered -1 for problem #2, it was marked incorrect on the last screen.
When I entered -\frac{3}{5} for problem #3, it was marked incorrect.
Are your students expecting to give you some other input for those free-response screens?

For problem #6, it was nice to have multiple choice options, but I don’t know why -2/3 was marked incorrect.

I hope this helps! Let me know if I screwed it up.


I will check that out. Thank you,

Where are they learning to calculate slope between 2 points? You went from very general (positive, negative, zero, undefined) to “find the slope.” Did they learn this already?

This a followup activity, like practice. The instruction piece is a google form that had embedded videos and practice built in.

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Looks good then. Still had a problem with #3 correctness this morning. Are you trying to match latex or numeric value? The latter usually works best.

forgot a negative sign on the last slide, it was on the slide itself but not the last one. Thank you for the help. As a side note, how often do people place projects up here for evaluation and testing. During this time where I am working from home it is hard to get feedback from my department.

Not really a lot of people asking for feedback, but usually enough people to give some. And probably fewer just giving feedback. Definitely quick help with specific problems.

Thank you. Like I said, it is hard for me to get feedback from my school.