Trouble figuring out how to check answer-- table and sketch

I’m working on a “check-in” for the kids to see how they are doing with our intro to slope. On slide 6 I am asking them to give the location of two points which would be on a line with a slope of ¾. I also want them to be able to sketch what is going on (thinking they will draw a line and show a slope triangle similar to one with v-side of 3 and h-side of 4)-- but can’t figure out how to check their answers. Suggestions?

It seems you mistakenly used variables in the graph script rather than number sinks.
Once that is corrected, you should check your slope value “s” in the calculator against the desired value (3/4). I’ve modified your slide #6 to illustrate.

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I think I am still running into problems with wanting the component to be a sketch and not a graph. It seems that the solution you posted works great for a graph but when I bring it into a graph in a sketch component then it does not work. I very possibly am just missing something though!

If you want to perform calculations in a sketch and then pull the numbers out of it you’re going to run into errors. No number source in sketch. If you can perform the necessary calculations in the script that will work fine, otherwise performing behind the scenes calculations in another graph and then only injecting numbers into the sketch works just as fine.

In the example provided by Werner, it looks like the only number being pulled from the graph is for correctness. If thats the only thing you would we pulling out of the sketch component you can use a quick simpleFunction to perform the calculation without the need to reference numbers inside the sketch.