Sort Teacher Summary Screen by Last Names?

Hi, I was wondering is there a way to sort the students by their Last names? It only sorts by First name alphabetically and by time activity started. It would help expedite the entry of grades, so I don’t have to scavenge hunt.

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This feature is not available, but is on their radar. One thing I do for grades is to hide the student once I’ve input their grade. If time sorted, they then drop below with those who haven’t started the activity.

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Great work around. Thank you.

Also, not sure if this is possible for your grade book system, but I have the option to re-sort my grade book by first name instead of last. I switch between both sorting methods depending on where I’m inputting grades from.

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If your gradebook does not sort by first vs last, there is an additional workaround: ONCE and only once needed to be done by each student., you will have your students log in to a DESMOS activity. When there, they click on teh three bars at top-left next to their name. They click on Account Setting. They alter their entered first last name to be last first. They MUST save.

For future DESMOS logins, they will see their name as last first and need to leave it that way. It will appear on the Summary page as last first. Yay!

Thanks we’ll try that. We use Infinite Campus. Have a nice 3-day weekend.

Loved all the ideas above, wanted to throw one more possible solution into the mix as well. Here is a Google Sheet that shows the idea. Pretty much just have a double roster and be able to pull info straight from desmos in order and then populate results based on last name.

Small up front cost of making cells equal to where their first name is, but once you do it it’s just copy and paste to get linked scores.

If you use Google Classroom, you do have the option of sorting by first name. Many grading platforms will import from Google. Mine doesn’t work the best so you have to be mindful of limitations. Mine, for example, does not overwrite prior grades, so I have to be mindful of manually entering late grades.