Exporting Data in to a Spreadsheet

I wonder if there are any plans in the works to allow teachers to export user data from an activity. It would be incredible if there was a way, for example, for the teacher to choose an item to export. It could be a multiple choice selection, or math input latex, or a graph.number(‘a’). If those could be exported to spreadsheet or csv I could use those for grades. I would just need it to associate with their username and email. Any plans?

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No concrete plans yet, but were thinking about some possible solutions over here!


I can’t wait. This would be a dream come true. If I can offer my two cents for free, just having the ability to export a variable/number of choice would give us the flexibility to choose, through computation layer, what exactly that number represents. It could be a number from a graph that represents the average of all the correct multiple choice questions. Or a number from a graph that was coded to check all the math inputs for .evaluateAt values and return a score. The list goes on. Thank you!

Would love if you could also export in more detail e.g. the sketches and graphs and any other states on each screen.

I just saw a chrome extension that downloads the Desmos dashboard to a spreadsheet. It might be worth looking at:

If you try it out, please share your results.

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The author is on this forum (and the Desmos Educators Facebook group). I’m sure @mxepstein is willing to answer any questions (or take any feedback) you might have. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s something to ask to have unblocked by admin :slight_smile:

Hi, I downloaded the extension and it does download the data to a CSV spreadsheet. It is a nice feature to record students participation, but unfortunately it doesn’t download the students responses. The dashboard spreadsheet will record the students names and list if the work is complete, incomplete, correct, and incorrect.

Just revisited this, and with a quick formula I can turn that total correct column into a grade. Perfect. I love it. It doesn’t replace analyzing student work, but sometimes I just want a simple grade. Perfect

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