Speed of animation

I want the line to be graphed like it was drawing a line. It is working okay, but there is a strange jump to the y intercept and it is really slow. How can I fix these?https://teacher.desmos.com/activitybuilder/custom/5f6a46e15633460b43dcdb53

I would also like to be able to press the button multiple times to graph the line.

It’s probably because you have {x<c}, which it isn’t in the negative domain, so it graphs up to 0 in one jump because the time starts at 0. Try {x+7<c} since the lower bound of your graph is -7. Double the speed with {(x+7)/2 < c}

You’ll also need to increase the upper bound for c, and increase the default time for the timeSincePress in your code by putting a value say 25 as a parameter:


Thank you so much!

I was able to get the speed of the line to increase.

I raised the upper bound of “c” to 30, and tried N3.timeSincePress(30). I am really new at the cl portion of this and think I must be missing something pretty simple.

I think I figure it out! I realized I had no purpose for the “ReadyGo”. I simply made c = N3.timeSincePress(30).

Works great now! Thank you.

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