How to slow down an animation?

As part of a discussion of derivative, I am using the animation below. Is there a way to make the animation run a bit slower?

Change the maximum for t (and the animationDuration)? That may require you to change some other things, like your bounds.

That was a possible solution, but if the point has to run through, say, twice the values, the speed will not change appreciably. If I could double the time without changing bounds, that would be ideal… right now it runs for about 7.5 seconds. If that can change to like 10-12 I’ll be happy.

Have you seen this thread from @Jay ?

Yes, but I thought it was more about resetting the animation. I see there is discussion of play time as well. That’s very helpful. Thank you.

I was thinking of a different one. This thread someone shared this simple animation. Changing the denominator of t_0 when evaluating a_nimation, or adding a coefficient/denominator to the third parameter of the median function, changes the speed.

Aha yes, that is what I need. Thank you!

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