Square root of 3 in a table

I’m trying to make a table with various expressions in it, such as 2x and x and x times sqrt(3). So I’d like to have the sqrt symbol in there. Can this be done in a table? I’ve tried all of these and it just keeps printing the sqrt, etc not the symbol. (I tried versions with ( and with { as well)


You’ve pretty much got it! Gotta double up your backslashes in CL

I couldn’t get any of those to work though … ?
When I put cellContent(2,2):"\sqrt{3}" the student preview shows \sqrt{3} in the table. I am trying to get the student to see the square root symbol with a 3 under it…
Ok, wow, I typed " then 2 backslashes above, and it’s even converting it in my Chrome browser to 1 \ … I really do have 2 backslashes in there, what is going on?

Just need another backslash


I really am trying with 2 backslashes… I’ll keep trying. It’s slide 17 in here: INT2 6.1.2 • Activity Builder by Desmos

Ok, I added the ` things and it worked this time. Thanks, Jay, you are awesome!

Ahhh, was just about to have you check that! Sorry, forgot to mention the difference in columns that are text formatted.

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