Start/Stop a Vertical Line

I’m using an activity from Jennifer Vadnais and making modifications. The vertical line is set to move across the graph when you click the button. I would like it to do 1 of 2 things below.

  1. Stop the vertical line from moving by clicking the button again.
  2. Stop at the point I direct it to stop (when it crosses 2 points at once).

Below is the link to the activity.

Thanks for any help given!

There are soooo many ways to do this, I hate to limit it with an example, but here’s one way:

From your post I assume you mean that you want a line to move across the screen until either a student presses stop or it reaches a certain point. If you add a max value in when you create the line you should get that behavior. Graphing Calculator

Side note: I would LOVE to see all of the different ways that contributors to this forum handle this interaction!

Jay, don’t stop! Keep giving us more examples!!! I want to see them ALL!!!

PS I never think to use mod, it doesn’t come natural for me yet!
Still need to dig in to this CL, but excited to see the example!
Thank you!

When I take your activity and add the table from Kay’s it works fine.
BUT, when I take Kay’s activity and add your pieces, it doesn’t work.
I’m confused. I even tried deleting and adding it all back in.

I thought maybe it was because the table was in spot 1 instead of bottom. I’m completely stumped!

Jay, you give me way to much credit because I can’t take what you did, put it into my activity, and make it work. Your knowledge is far superior than mine on coding. I’m lost! lol Is there a way you can take my file and do what you did on my slide 2, where I have the circle? Below is the link. Thanks for your help!

I’m sure it’s something really small!! Sometime variables collide when we try to combine activities. I’ll take a look later today.

This one works!
On the other one: I still don’t know why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t (or where I was messing up).

NOTE: (1 reason it sometimes didn’t work) I did discover that the parameter t_ime MUST be set to “play” and not pause. (Why? IDK)

I took your example and then adjusted with a mod expression so that the line repeatedly moves along the same path from -10 to 10.

I changed slide 2 for you. I didn’t look at what Jay did. I added CL into the btn1 and what is now graph1. The line still jumps back to the start because the time resets to zero.


Example with timeSincePress, nice! Keep em coming folks!

Thanks to all of you! I finished the activity! Great support!!!

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Thanks! I actually thought the capture sink was the most useful part, so that components don’t continue to change. I’ve found it useful for feedback as well.