Student Multiple Times in Activity

Hello Desmos Friends,

Every time one of my students comes in to my desmos to finish the activity, it creates a new incidence of her in the activity and makes her start over. What is the reason and how do I instruct her to login so that it goes to the activity she was working on?


This usually happens when the student joins the activity without signing in to Desmos (with either their Desmos account or their Google account). If they don’t make an account, Demos can’t keep track of where they were when they left the activity.

She needs to not choose “Continue without signing in” and create an account with Desmos.

The next time she joins Desmos, her most recent activity will be under “Recent Activities”; she can go back to any of her old activities by clicking on “See all”. (She won’t be able to see any activity that she wasn’t signed into Desmos for, alas.)


Thanks for the reply. I’ll have her do that. I have not done the Desmos classroom thing yet because my kids are having trouble keeping track of all of the places they need to go to get to their content.

You don’t need to do the classroom thing in order to have students sign in and save their activity, although it does help organize things on your end and doesn`t seem to add anything extra for students to do other than click a link as before.

If you assign activities to a class, you can share the class activity the same way you share the regular single-use activity; the only difference seems to be that the class activity wont let you continue without signing in. It also looks like you dont have to sign them up to the class ahead of time; it will add students as they join the activity. It`s a great feature.

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