Students saving custom Activity?

Can a student save their work from a custom made Activity built by the teacher? Are there any limits to access if so? Would like to have them save activities as notes.

If they sign in, their work is saved.

Thank you for the quick response.
But can they save a link so they can put it in their digital notebook?

The link you give them to the activity will work as long as you don’t archive their activity. They don’t have individual links like they might for a Google assignment.

Is is possible for Desmos to NOT save an activity as a student works through it? I have a student who has said she completed an activity 3 times and even sent me a screen shot of the last slide with her name on it, but it doesn’t show me that she has completed anything or even accessed the last slide. How does she fix it so her work saves?

I mean bugs are always possible. Either that or the student entered the assignment without signing in. I’d email desmos support, if the latter is not the case.

Ok. I will do that because she can’t get into the assignment without signing into our class. Thanks!