Students build a graph one step at a time

I am very new to using CL; so, I will not be insulted if things are spelled out for me! I want students to create secant equations one screen at a time.

Here’s what I’m doing:
On screen 1, I give the students the graph y=x^2, and a point on the graph (2,4). I ask them to pick a point that is also on the graph.
On screen 2, I want their point to show on the y=x^2 graph and I want them to create an equation that goes through both points. I also require them to use point slope form, with my point (2, 4) in the equation. In other words, they must find the slope and use it in this form: y-4=m(x-2).

Here’s my question: How do I get desmos to carry over from screen 1 my students point and my graph and allow me to ask them to create an equation that goes through the two points?

thanks, bill

Hey Bill,

What you want to do depends on what type of graph interaction you want on the second screen. You can copy the entire graph state from the first screen as a background layer or copy all of the parts over individually. There may be a hookup coming (or there may be one I am unaware of) but to my knowledge this is the go to method at least for now.