CL to bring student sketch on graph to the next slide

I ask students to draw two points onto a graph that already has three points showing.

I need the original graph with their sketched points to follow them to the next screen.

I tried graphLayer with .calculatorState, but the student marks did not follow.

Help please!

Have a look at this thread:

This did bring the sketch of the student, but I want to include the pre-made graph that they drew on as well.

So how do I combine the background: sketchLayer with a background:graphLayer?
Or do is it more complicated than that?

You can use layerStack to combine layers:

However, if the pre-made graph isn’t being edited by the students - just sketched over - then the simplest solution is just to recreate the same graph again on the next slide, and then add the background layer in CL.

Of course. That is exactly what I will do. Woo Hoo!!!