Style guide for using different button types

I noticed that the Action Button component now has a style sink, which can be, or buttonStyles.teal.

Is there any Desmos style guide or recommendation about what these different button colors should be used for?

It looks as though the teal button is not there (in the documentation at least - Computation Layer Documentation) and blue has been renamed to default.

Is there a recommendation for the usage of the red one?

I think I’m more interested in seeing the ways you make use of the new colors!

Looks like the documentation has been updated now, so I’ll use this as the guide. (Although I think it’s strange to have one semantic button style “default” and one that is visual: “red”)


I’ve had activities where I give students 5 chances to check answers in a table. Maybe the last opportunity being red would be good practice.

@m_palker, you could use something like this in the button CL:

style: when this.pressCount=1
otherwise buttonStyles.default

Anyone know why other color styles were deprecated? Seems like just Blue and Red is rather restrictive.

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