Updates to the CL Documentation


The CL documentation has gotten a new coat of paint, over at Computation Layer Documentation

Some new features to look out for:

  • new Types section.
  • navigation responsive to scrolling.
  • anchors on all sections, components, sinks, etc… to allow you to link to various sections of the documentation, like this!
  • “Try It!” Button now takes you to a temporary editing experience where you can mess around with CL without having to worry about creating extra drafts.

We still have a number of improvements planned, but as always let us know if we can make this more helpful for you.


@denis Please check the links in the announcement you just posted. They seem to be local links.


oops! good catch, thanks :slight_smile:


This is wonderful – all the hidden things like xyLine and evaluateAt are now explained!


Wow! That’s so much better than copying an entire activity just so you can view the code of a single screen.


Love the new look! So easy to just look across and see description:sample. Love the types section!


There’s a small typo in the Types section - equation attributes - rhs is defined as lhs instead.


Nice catch! Thank you!


Where can I find Action Button documentation. I seems to have been omitted from this version of docs.