Suppress Animation Reset on Table Focus

Desmos Activities has a really unpleasant behaviour of reseting animations whenever a table cell receives focus. This is frequently(always?) not what we want.

Here are two - very hacky - methods of getting around this behaviour and either simply pausing an animation on table focus or allowing the animation go completely unhindered by table focus:

Method 1: Pause Animation on Table Focus
Looks like this:

We’re using some simulation stuff to at least track the last recorded value of the animation and then use that as the end point. We achieve this without using capture, which would normally require a click event.

Method 2: Animation Not Affected on Table Focus
Looks like this:

We’re completely going around using Desmos’ Action Button entirely to avoid its weird default behaviours and create our own click event button in the graph itself. This means table focus won’t affect it since we’re not using an Action Button to instantiate the animation at all.

Check it out here: Table Focus Reset Problem & Solutions

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