Moveable Objects with Check Mark in Graph

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I’ll be introducing sign diagrams after the holiday, and am experimenting with an activity wherein the students would move + or - (as moveable points) into a box. I would like for the point labels to change to “+:white_check_mark:” or “-:white_check_mark:” when they have been moved into the correct box.

Moveable Object

Would love some help. Thank you.

I figured it out. But have a new question: How can I set the size of a point label in CL?

Also, how can I have two correct positions for one point?

I don’t know of a way to size a point label in CL. To have two correct positions for one point you can expand your piecewise correctness check so that it assigns 1 in either correct scenario. For example, on screen 2, you could have

A_{C}=\left\{a_{1}=-4\left\{a_{2}=4\right\}:1,\ a_{1}=5\left\{a_{2}=4\right\}:1,0\right\}

(which looks better when it’s pasted into Desmos)

I played around with this and made a screen that you may find useful. I added 3 plus signs and 3 minus signs that are moveable, and logic to see if a sign is moved into any box. This way, you can change problems without having to hardcode error checking each time - you could just change whether each box is looking for plus or minus in the correctness check folder. You can also easily add or remove the number of moveable signs without having to change much of the code. I don’t know if that makes senses, but take a look and see what you think. [Copy of] Moveable Object • Activity Builder by Desmos

Holy Cow! Thank you so much. I just learned a ton. Really appreciate your help :grinning:

Thank you so much for your help! Really appreciate it.

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I made some modifications @Daniel_Wekselgreene to give the kids more structure. Thanks again for your help.

Sign Diagram

Looks good! I’m happy to help. I’m linking my activity on number line models in case you want to use anything from it. I like representing the factors visually so they can see why the sign stays constant in each interval. Polynomial Curve Sketching & Number Line Models • Activity Builder by Desmos

Wow! That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing – we will definitely use this when we come back to school in January. :smiley: