Text on Sketch doesn't copy to next slide

I gratefully borrowed from some other teachers to make this activity. I noticed that one student who answered with the new text feature on their sketch on slide 11 had their sketch but not the text copied into screen 12. Is that something in the activity itself, a bug in the program, or just how it works at this point?

Thanks in advance!


Slide 12

And yes, we revisited the math of 4 ^ 0!!!

Sorry, no support for that yet. We’re looking at the best way to carry forward text in sketch without confusing it for sketches (that can be transformed, etc).

I would love this! Would be able to carry over label names and typing which is easier that drawing for our non-touchscreen chromebooks.

Any advancements in this, Jay?

None yet. I’ll be sure to update this thread when there’s something new.