New Classroom Features (Ongoing)

January 2023

  • disableChange sink added to multiple choice.
  • disableEdit sink added to math input.

December 2022

  • Line numbers added to the CL editor.
  • Center and right alignment is supported in notes.

November 2022

  • placeholderText and placeholderLatex are now available in the free response and math input components.

October 2022

  • Challenge Creator is now available to all users.
  • hasResponse is now available in tables.

August 2022:

  • Class codes can now be paused from the the activity and history pages.
  • New Component Polypad is now available in Activity Builder

May 2022:

  • Empty choice content now hides the choice
  • New Conic type
  • New evaluationFrame function creates a frame to store function and variables for future evaluation
  • New substituteLateVariable takes a latex string, a search string, and a replace string - and returns the latex having made the substitution
  • New formatLatex takes latex equations and expressions and applies a small set of simplification rules to format the equations and expressions nicely.