Table flow through to another screen

I am trying to digitize an activity where students enter in a table of values to graph a relationship, then answer questions on a subsequent screen about whether a relationship is proportional by making observations on the table and graph. Is it possible to have the table (where they entered in values before to create the graph) display on a later screen, alongside the graph? Right now I am able to have the graph show up, but I can’t figure out how to get the table that resulted in the graph to show up as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A little annoying, but you have to do each cell separately.

cellContent(1,1): table1.cellContent(1,1)

Thanks so much for your reply! Do you know what the identifier would be for this table (Row 3 of the Screenshot)?

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 8.58.53 AM|364x500

Oh, I misunderstood a little. Here’s what I’d do (particularly if y_1 is going to be a function of x_1)
In your table CL (since graph tables are stored as lists):

x12=xList.elementAt(2) #continue with each element of the list
cellContent(1,1): `${x11}`

Then, if say y_1=3(x_1)^2:

cellContent(1,2): `${y11}`

So appreciate your help!

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Hi Wendy,

I saved this in a collection of CL reminders for me: copy previous table • Activity Builder by Desmos

Slide 2 copies over the table from slide 1. It will work for any table you are trying to copy. Just change the first line from t=table1 to t=whatever your table component name is

The extra rows/columns won’t hurt the copy, and it’s much less tedious to copy/paste this CL once and add in some extra columns than to write everything 1 by 1.

Hope this helps

She wasn’t copying table component to table component. She’s trying to copy from a table within a graph component to a table component.

Oops - misunderstood!

Still a good piece of CL to tuck away.

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