Tree Growing Animation

I am trying to make a project in regular desmos graph with functions where a tree grows from a sapling into a fully grown tree. I have a tree model (2 half parabolas for a trunk and many overlapping circles for foliage) and I have an idea for a sapling model (something like 2 parabolas coming to meet at a point with a square root or some kind of other curve as 1 thin branch without leaves), but I don’t know how to blend them. I don’t want to make just a small tree get bigger, because saplings dont look like small adult trees. Does anyone know how I could make an animation that blends a tree growing up, getting a bigger and thicker trunk and growing leaves and such? Thank you! (Also lmk if you have a better idea for a tree foliage because the leaves look kind of corny/cartoony rn) (Also it has to be in the next 3 days)