Turtle Time Trials

If you checked out screen 8 in our newest activity you’ve probably got some questions…

That screen uses a new-ish feature, filterByColor.

Check it out here: Filter By Color • Activity Builder by Desmos


Thank you very much, Jay!

Thank you for your advise. I’ll try it.

Fun activity! Excited to learn more about filterbycolor.

Which slides contain things that aren’t released yet (making the original turtle activity not able to be copied?)
I’m curious about the functioning of the other slides!

Any slide in particular?

It seems like everything I’m seeing has been discussed in the CL webinars. Was hoping to add some correctness to some of the slides and to extend further. It’s really fun!

Got it. There are things in the activity (like the artwork and animation) that we’d like to keep proprietary. There are also some things we do in editing that don’t play well with regular accounts, hence the feature block. If you want to make your own version of this I’d be happy to help! You know where to find me.

Thank you !! I’ll try it!

2019년 10월 19일 (토) 오전 8:22, Jay Chow via Desmos Activity Builder Support desmos@discoursemail.com님이 작성:

I entered the text below into the student input but it doesn’t work. Tells me that I need (boolean,boolean) not (string, boolean). The correct is a decreasing interval on a polynomial. What am I doing wrong?

correct = ("(-1.155,1.155)")


when correct and input.submitted “You got it right!”

when input.submitted “You got it wrong.”

otherwise “prompt”



I think this may be meant for another thread or perhaps a new topic altogether? I’d love to help, with some context.