Need help with new Copy Previous

I am working on an old Activity and I see warning symbols :warning: where I would put coding. I understand the “Copy Previous” is retiring. Can someone help me make it work using the new language?

Slide 4 - I still want it to do what is doing. The video is in synch with the graph
Slide 5 - Can I somehow do an overlay of Slide 3 (what the student sketched) with slide 4 (actual) so the student can reflect on prediction vs actual?

Here’s the activity - [Working Copy of] World Record Balloon Dog • Activity Builder by Desmos
I saw something on Desmos Educators (Facebook) about using
background: graphLayer(graph1.calculatorState)
bounds: graph1.bounds in the script, but I am doing something wrong.

Thank you for your help!

It appears the wrong component is labelled “guess.” You have the “notice/wonder” text input on screen 1 labelled as “guess,” when it should be the math input box on screen 2. Making that change fixes all of the errors and makes the graph appear as you want it on screen 5, though the formatting of the text labels overlaps a lot and makes it a bit hard to read.