Unit Circle Activities

Is there a way to do the sorting activity but use a unit circle as the backdrop and have cards sorted to “locked” spots on a screen…?

Example: Unit circle backdrop - at the point “A” you need to match pi/4, 90 degrees, and -7pi/4

I adapted the following slides from an Activity I found on the web… I can adapt it to have negative angles as well or angles over 2pi…


Hope this helps.
David Diaz

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FYI… I use the hidden table to change the values of the angles…

I would love to get a copy with all 0 to 2pi radians and then a copy with all degrees 0 to 360

And then negative of boths.

Could you talk me through how to edit and add to your activity?

I would love to have one that is just 0 to 2pi, one that has the -2pi to 0, 0 to 360, and then -360 to 0! Otherwise I would love to know how so I can edit.

I got the idea from this activity this year…

I modified it to it will give some feedback similar to the card sort. I currently have it in radians… I need to change a few things to make it to degrees. I did modify it so you can have negative angles and angles greater than 2pi…

If I add additional angles then it becomes too crowded and difficult for students since some will overlap. You can modify the angles in the table or leave some cell empty if you want to have less points.


Is there a time when you could chat about help me understand how you created it so I can duplicate it with different radians and/or degrees and have the check still work?

Sure… We can work on it tomorrow morning… (Saturday). Many times when I create self checking screens, I prefer to include a hidden table so if I want to change the equation/value/expression, I can quickly do so by changing the table. I am teaching Algebra 2 next school year and I will need the degree version of this slides.


Could you help me build something similar with equations?

We are doing application problems for sin (& some cosine)… I want them to check that the equation they wrote works.