Working in Degrees instead on Radians

I’m currently building activities to calculate trig functions in degrees for my geometry class. Math Inputs only work in radians. I would like to take the raw expression input into the field and send it to a graph in degrees mode to be calculated, but every solution I find is either wrong or beyond my grasp. Why is this so complicated? Please help. I have seen “solutions” to this that make no sense or are answer a different problem and I can’t tell.

This example kind of sounds like what you are looking for. If not, can you provide a rough outline of what you are looking for? It’s okay if it doesn’t work, just make a comment or two explaining your vision and someone should be able to get it working for you. :grinning:

Unfortunately that activity contains a deprecated feature so I can’t copy the slide or see the computation layer. Any other ideas for working in degrees?

I’m sorry, I should have looked into this more. It looks like that activity used rawExpression which has been deprecated. It sounds like there isn’t a way to currently display the degrees in the input or a table when evaluated like shown in that example. You can enable the scientific calculator in activities, which allows you to toggle between radian and degree mode.

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That’ll do it for now. I was getting so frustrated with the rawExpression command. Good to know it wasn’t just me.

Are there any updates on turning the radians to degrees? I am trying to get students to get an angle measure using trigonometry. Specifically slide 9.

I believe it’s the same answer as before. Jay did say they are working on addressing the issue.

Oh okay perfect. I did enable the scientific calculator. I didn’t want to miss anything if it was updated.

I ran into this problem recently. Referring to a different screen in an activity reverts the calculator in a graph component back to radians even if set to degrees. I take the students input in degrees and simply convert it to radians within the graph component. Seems to work.

Could you share this solution? I’m not sure how to implement it.

This is how I would do this. The first screen requires the student to enter their answer in degrees. The second screen requires the student to enter the equivalent trig calculation and not degrees. For the second screen the calculator checks the answer based on radians and not degrees. However this student has no idea that the calculator is using radians for the calculation. It will give them a warning for the second screen if they type in the degree answer. Solving Triangles • Activity Builder by Desmos