Unit Circle Feedback/Correctness

Jay has a great unit circle graph. I am really wanting student feedback/correctness to be added. I can’t figure out how to do this yet. Wondering if others have ideas?

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I don’t quite understand what you are looking for. I see, now, it will let me label it incorrectly. Are you wanting an, “Incorrect. Try again.” sort of prompt if students name the wrong radian measure?

Not what you are asking, but here’s an activity that gives feedback and challenges in different ways: Know Your Unit Circle • Activity Builder by Desmos

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Yes, some feedback to the student. Correct/Incorrect would be good. I’d love to figure something out that was more “interpretive”-- they can see for themselves that it is wong through some sort of visual cue or …?

So, maybe like an animation that creates the angle they named, and they see if it lands where intended?

I made this as a starting point. Screen 1 is just the OP activity screen. Screen 2 was my attempt at an animation. Screen 3 is an attempt at blending them… and then I got stuck.

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Here is another possible starting point. Same idea as @Smithmath with animating the angle that students edited. Then, it adds a :white_check_mark: or :x: to the point labels after the animation.

One other idea that might make things cleaner from a visual standpoint would be coloring the points green or red according to their correctness.


Headed in the right direction! It’s a complicated graph!

This looks great! I appreciate the help!

And if it had a reset button so the S’s could do as many as they wanted…?

I made a copy of screen 1 and added a reset feature. It’s not particularly elegant, but repurposing the existing Submit button that is doing all the capture-ing was my best idea to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Jay has an activity that demonstrates a more elegant reset feature, but I think that the unit circle activity would need a lot of functionality moved from the math input to the graphing calculator to integrate the reset button.