Upvote & Downvote


I am a high school geometry teacher trying to foster math discussion in my 9th grade class.

I want to construct a experience where the students:

  1. explain the solution to a problem
  2. order other students responses by usefullness (upvote)
  3. respond to the top three upvoted explanations

This would be a powerful tool to be able to asynchronous develop class conversation and more thoughtful responses.

Would appreciate ideas on how to execute.

Well, you can only aggregate numeric data, so it wouldn’t really be possible to code without your intervention. So, you could give an assignment asking for explanations, then create a second lesson where you include snapshots of chosen students in the first.

If you had students attending a virtual class at the same time, you could take snapshots of student responses and then ask an ‘on-the-fly’ question. Dan Meyers demonstates in this video which is also in the learn.desmos.com webinars page. I tried to put the time when he does snapshots, but you may want to watch earlier or the whole thing. I’m also not sure that you have control of the question type, so it may be difficult to get a vote. It seems like it Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip about the snapshots and the link the ‘on-the-fly’ questioning. Let’s make some math talk happen!!