Using the trace sink to make graphs non-interactive

[This isn’t really a question but I feel like it should be adapted and put in Announcements.]

In the past I have used sketches instead of graph exhibits if I do not want students to be able click on key features (turning points etc.). In some situations I can use points with a label consisting of a single space character ’ ’ in order to hide their coordinates.

It seem as though now we have a sink in a graph component, trace, that can be used to make graph exhibits non-interactive by typing trace: false.

This could also be good for draggable points if we want to use them to control an interaction but we don’t want their coordinates appearing on the screen.


FYI turning off trace will still not turn off the gray dots at special points like intercepts, intersections, and vertices. The Coordinates will no longer show up, but the points themselves can still be viewed.

In order to get a completely un-clickable experience you still need to use sketch or plot your functions as parametric equations.

I noticed this too but was wondering if it’s something Desmos could consider changing.

One advantage of turning off trace is that you can make interactive diagrams that don’t seem obviously related to graphs in the plane. But having the dots appear could ruin that effect.