Can you disable the (x,y) labels on a graph?

I’m creating an activity about rational numbers, and I’m setting up a slide where students place values on a number line. I don’t want them to be able to click on the draggable point to see the (x,y) label that shows where it is on the coordinate plane (grid and axes are hidden, anyway).

Is that possible?

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Try labeling the point with an empty space. It should at least keep the label on that exact point from showing. If you have other things graphed they will still be traceable though.

In addition to using a single space as the point label (which disables the point label), you can define the line parametrically, since we don’t allow tracing of parametric curves.

Here’s an example that uses both tricks.

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Ooh parametric. Never considered that, thanks!

I though @eli_desmos raised this a couple of months back as something that could be added (suppressing coordinates). It is still on a roadmap?