Variable not updated

In the activity linked below, I am trying to convert a base 10 number into one with any other lower base. It works the first time, however from the second time onwards a new base is not updated. I would appreciate any suggestions to overcome this problem.

I apologize. It’s difficult to help out because I don’t understand Portuguese! It looks like your graph may have some circular dependencies, which may be okay in other coding languages, but not in Desmos. You’ll have to use some lists. Here’s my attempt at a conversion (currently on Screen 1).

Thank you so much! The solution you suggested worked great!

Note: From next time I will post everything in English

The solution is still incomplete! For example, when we take 16 in base 10, we should have 10000 in base 2. But only 0 appears. The 1 is missing at the beginning.

In the graph, line 5, change <n to <=n. Also your other issue will be attempting bases larger than 10.


Yes, for larger bases I must insert letters of the alphabet.

This is not something that can be done with a single value in Desmos. You’d have to manipulate a pointLabel in the CL, but there’s not currently any nice way to play with lists there.