Representing Multiplication of Integers Using Groups on a Number Line

Hi! I am currently working on editing an existing activity and would like to make a change. I would like to change the -2(6), “negative 2 groups of 6” to 2(-6), “two groups of negative 6”. I believe the CL for this is in the “Midpoint” folder in the graph. Please provide me with the CL changes so I can apply it to other screens. Thank you for your help!

No CL changes needed, just a few adjustments in the graph. I made a few changes to make it work.

  1. Delete O=-a
  2. Add G_6=-G_5
  3. Adjust the label of the second point.
    Here’s what the expression list looks like after these changes:

Are there any good tutorials out there for using graphs like this? Through trial and error I feel like I have gotten ok at using the CL for most of desmos (still with much to learn though) but using the graph like this still alludes me. I mostly just see things that are close to what I like and tweak the code how I can to fit what I am looking for. I don’t really know how to make them from scratch.

Are there any good tutorials out there for using graphs like this?

Using what parts of the graph? The rectangles flopping when the “switch” is moved? The “switch” itself?

It’s usually using functions or points with a condition (like the {n=1} and {a>0}. If these conditions are not true, then a point or function is undefined and therefore won’t display.

More so just the graphs in general. How to use them and code them to do various things.

If you haven’t already, I’d search for “webinar” in the forum. There are five or so, but not all specifically about graphs. Other things you can do with graphs might be in the Desmos calculator support forums, but not related to Activity Builder. I know there’s various Desmos subreddits as well. Or if there’s something you’ve editing, but don’t quite get what it’s doing, just start a thread and ask.

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Ill check those out. I blow up this forum enough as is, i’d feel bad asking all the cl graphing questions I have. I’m going to explore those suggestions you made and see what I can come up with, Thanks!