What is the name of each slide?

Am I able to put a variable in the cl of a slide rather than in an element by clicking on the gear at the very top left of the page?

If so, what is the name that I can use to access that variable later?

Say on ‘slide 3’ I have a variable called ‘points’ how do I call that variable on slide 10?

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You can use .script to find a variable from another component.
Check out this example here and see if that answers your question.

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Thanks, but that is not exactly what I was thinking. You put the variable in a note called n1 and then use n1.script to call it.

Since I will be pulling variables from multiple elements on the slides I wanted to house is all in one location for each slide, see example. I just don’t know how to call on my variable ‘points’ because I don’t know what to put in front of .script.points

Is that not possible? If not, what is the purpose of the big gear on each slide?

I understand what you’re asking now. Unfortunately I do not know the answer. I can see how useful that would be. Im hoping something like that is released shortly because many of the sinks you can use in that big gear are already functioning but not listed in the documentation.

I believe the gear icon that you are using is for modifying the title. I think I even saw someone use it to create something that looked like a cover page that can be viewed before seeing the actual slide. It’s not documented, so I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it in an example.

Would it be possible for you to house your variables in any of the components instead of the big gear? For example, if you put them in the table component, you could still call on them from the note component in the same slide (and other slides too) by using .script like mxepsten mentioned.

Maybe this what you want accomplished in your example?

Yes, I believe I will have to house them somewhere else. I was just hoping for consistency, that I could put them in there on all of the slides rather than all over the place in graphs, tables, inputs, etc. Thank you.

We don’t yet have a way to refer to the slide itself, but it’s definitely something we’ve considered. Thanks for describing how you’d use it - always helpful for making sure we build the right thing once we do build it.

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