Why is my table correctness not working?

There are a couple of reasons, mainly stemming from the fact that the entry of coordinates is read in latex as `\left( -0.3,8 \right)` (with backticks ` rather than quotes "). But when dealing with coordinate pairs, it is usually much better to use parseOrderedPair - for instance:

cellContent(1,5): when T13.x=0 and T13.y=4 "Correct" otherwise "L"


This gives the added bonus that students don’t have to input in a particular manner - for example, it would recognise -.3, -0.3, -3/10, -6/20, etc. all as correct for -.3.

Thank you for your reply. I tried to copy your code and now am getting this error message;

I am a beginner and do not understand this error message.
I appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you.

I used the latex code that you provided instead of parseOrdered pair and got it to work.
Thank you.