132 lines of calculation all working together

Not to be too ambitious, but I’d go and guess this is probably going to be one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen in desmos. This is an extremely in-depth calculation which accurately predicts CO2 dragsters. At least as accurately as can be predicted. The reason it’s so complicated is because it accounts for literally everything I could think of. Air resistance? Check. Friction between wheels and track / axles and wheels? Check. Lift force decreasing friction? Check. Some wheels potentially starting to slide and having a different reaction force from the others causing two different friction forces? Check. Literally everything I could think of is accounted for. How many desmosses does it take to change this lightbulb? Apparently about 132.

The V function tells velocity vs time after you plug in the 25 26 variables, and the V_V function tells exactly how long it takes the dragster to cross the finish line, which in this case is set to 20 meters, but could also be made a variable. In fact, after thinking of that, I went and did it. Now with enough variables to literally cover the entire alphabet, there’s only one problem. The performance is so incredibly poor that it doesn’t really run. Right now it has a pulse. With a bit of luck and some help from the community, perhaps it could learn to walk next week. What it needs is to be able to run faster, but I’m not sure what the bottleneck is.

Here’s the graph, all hail desmos Untitled Graph

I figured this was more appropriate to put here rather than in #questions, I’m not sure what’s preferred on this forum.

Might have more fun posting this on the desmos subreddit. This forum is really for the Activity Builder, not the Desmos calculator.

Thanks, I’ve managed to find some help.

Just for the sake of saying it, desmos supposedly is not very good with having lots of functions, and it’s better to write the actual equations rather than the functions. I’ve replaced a lot of the functions with tanh and whatnot, and sure enough, performance is looking good.