Improving performance of a (genuinely insane) graph

Right now my graph takes… I actually don’t know how long to update. I let it run for a long time, and nothing ever popped up, though I’m reasonably confident in the math. The V_V function should spit out a number, and the V function should make a graph which goes up quickly then down slowly. Previously, I could just run V(x) (paraphrasing), and it would plot it… after a minute or two. As it got better, eventually it said definitions are nested too deeply, and I needed to use a table, and now that it’s finally complete, that obviously had to stop working. My best guess is that it’s a performance thing, any ideas?
Oh yeah, here’s the graph Untitled Graph

I should also probably mention, this is a humungous calculation for CO2 dragsters that properly accounts for… well, just about everything you can account for. If the V_V function ever works, it will tell you how long your dragster will take to cross the finish line with all the spec inputs (which can all be easily found with software or a quick google search)