Action Buttons boolean for pressed/depressed?

Is there a way to get a boolean value identifying whether an action button has been pressed or not? I do not mean whether it has EVER been pressed. For that I could use pressCount. I want to have the action button toggle something on or off.

One way I can think of doing it would be to check if the pressCount is divisible by 2, but I am not sure if there is some kind of modulo function or some way to return the decimal part of a number.

The easiest way to toggle on or off is to create a reset label:
resetLabel: "label"
For the boolean on/off value you can use timeSincePress so something like:
on = button.timeSincePress > 0 would work.

if you want a BUTTON to show on or off you can use simpleFunction and yup, modulo!

You can change the label of the button using that value as well using the “label” sink and a few conditions.