Activity Builder Academy

We heard you folks are interested in a course for advanced activity building in Desmos so we’re setting one up!

:point_right: dynamic screens
:point_right: interactive components
:point_right: informative dashboards

We’ll build all of that and community! Interested? Let us know. :point_down:


I’m a little intrigued by informative dashboards. Is there any more information that available on the dashboard beyond the tick/cross/dot/warning string?

(I am thinking of the dashboard as the Summary screen, but maybe this is not what the post is referring to.)

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The real trick is presenting enough information but not too much that you can’t maintain and bird’s eye view of the class. Very tricky to walk that line.

Any date on when this will start? This summer?

Still early in the planning process, but we’re still hoping to run it late in the summer. We’ll send updates as they occur to everyone that’s filled out the interest form.