How do *you* use Desmos Classroom Activities?

Hoping for some help!

I am planning a workshop session on “Using Desmos Activity Builder to Foster Inquiry and Enhance Investigation” for IB DP Math classes.

I want to incorporate a bit on “Case Studies: Desmos Activity Builder in Action” during which I could:

  • Present a variety of real-life examples/case studies showing how Desmos Activity Builder has been used in the classroom.

  • Discuss how these cases exemplify IBO’s approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Show how Desmos has promoted inquiry-based learning, stimulated engagement, and enhanced understanding of complex mathematical concepts.

Of course, I will talk about my own practice, but I would love to be able to offer a broader range of cases/examples.

Please, please, please if anyone (/everyone? :wink:) can comment on any/all of the above points (especially the first one), I would really appreciate it (and it would benefit OTHER teachers!). You do not need to teach IB math or even have any familiarity with the IB. Just tell me how you use it in your practice.


PS. I posted this same request in the Desmos Educators Facebook group and only got 2 replies. I am hoping for a bit more to work with from folks here.