Activity Builder - Hyperlinks to jump to specific slides yet?

Is there yet a way to jump to a specific screen?

I found this, this and this, but it has been awhile, so I am hoping there’s new functionality.

…or maybe a different suggested workaround?

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hey my rough workaround has been putting all the components onto the same page and hiding them based on what a student selects from a multiple choice select. A bit janky and limiting but does allow for students to have the interactivity to “choose” what they want to see when working on a specific review/task

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Thanks! That’s an interesting idea.

So, I assume you do a big OR statement for the correct sink on each of those? …or is there another way?

…how is the loading time on a screen with a bunch of components like that?

No huge statement for hiding them. Just each component is “hidden:” unless a specific multiple choice option is selected.

hidden: when mc.isSelected(1) FALSE otherwise TRUE

And I haven’t noticed any lag/slowness. All my components usually refer back to one graph on the page and otherwise just contain text. It can get a little unwieldy from programming/teacher end .