Branching-- Going to specific slide based on user input

I’m wondering if there is a way to go to a specific slide based on a choice. For example: “Do you think it would be easier to place the points if: (1) You could see the coordinates, (2) You could enter the equation of the line?”

If (1), then CL would go to a slide where that is possible. If (2), a different slide.

I’ve done a kind of hacky way two ways: (1) build both screens into one screen and have only one of them show based on the choice (2) put directions in a note to go to a particular slide based on choice and hide everything on the other slide. Not super official but its worked for me.

There’s no direct way of doing this in CL, and the suggestion from @Jay is probably your best bet.

Desmos Team: could we get a command to use the name of a slide as a navigation anchor to that specific slide?

I am creating activities in teacher.desmos to perform statistical calculations (Hypothesis Tests, Confidence Intervals, etc). to accommodate a vision impaired student enrolled in my Introductory Statistics course next semester. For all my students, these desmos activities will replace a non ADA compliant statistical calculation platform currently used by my college.

example: I want to use student input from a multiple choice question on the initial screen to navigate to one of three screens based on the choice (Hypothesis Test Mean, Hypothesis Test Proportion, Hypothesis Test Standard Deviation). How can I use screen names to streamline navigation for this student?

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Currently there’s no way to break the linear progression through and activity. If you want to create an activity where choice determines screen you have two options:

  1. Use the language in the note, title, or even program directions into the screen reader narration using our accessibility tools to direct students to a screen based on choice.

  2. Program the following screen to show differently based on the previous screen. Almost like building three screens into one and displaying the screen that was selected.

@Jay How would you have screens show/hide based on choice. I’m making an activity on derivatives for my Calc 1 students and want to give them a certain problem based on what button they click on.

You can’t show or hide slides, only components within a slide.