Activity Feedback Request - Vertex Form Activity

Hi folks, I’ve created this activity which asks students to explore the vertex form of a parabola, with a bit of a review of point-slope form to get them thinking and make connections.

  • I’ve intended for this to be an introduction, with a lesson to follow.
  • My goal is for students to explore this and hopefully notice some connections, but not necessarily get it 100%
  • I’m going to use their responses as a launching off point for diving into this topic.

Some thoughts on where I feedback:

  • There is some clunkiness to how I’m displaying the functions in the graph, but I’m not sure how to fix that.
  • I’m not entirely sure on the flow, and wonder if there is some way to get them to consolidate more before shifting. One thought is to perhaps include a sketch page where they can test their knowledge along the way?
  • Anything you notice or wonder about!?

Thanks folks,


I’d suggest moving the expressions into a Note component and using the formatLatex method to clean up the double negatives and such for you. Also keeps the number of screens to a minimum and reduces the disconnect between the visual and the textual you want students to work on.

Good job!

Thank you, that is amazing! I have never seen formatLatex before, and I was doing all kinds of gymnastics in other contexts to get around it.

In exploring formatLatex, I’ve also discovered a function called patterns and can’t seem to find any documentation on it. Any suggestions on where to start with that?

Much like formatLatex there isn’t much documentation about patterns. There’s a video series @Jay did on them a while back though it’s not maybe the easiest way to find what you want, but I belive patterns is a work in progress in any event. But yeah, not much documentation there, though searching here will find things.