Add animation to object

Can someone help me learn how to add animation so that mario actually moves to cross the finish line in slides 1, 5, and 9?

This link has slide 1 with added animation and coin count.

  1. Mario lives in three states: an initial point, equation 1 and equation 2, so there needed to be three of him, but at three different intervals of time.
  2. Show/hide features occur on lots of items (line segments, coins, states of Mario), so those needed to be separate for each item. There’s a table with the points for the coins, which helped immensely with the code required to hide the coins and add the score.
  3. Mario needed to move through time, so the variable “a” helps him do that. There’s a speed multiplier “r” on go.timeSincePress(11) – note that 11 is needed, because the default is 10, and Mario might not cross the finish line.