Animation to stop

Desmos friends I could use some of your expertise. I found a great activity online for operations with functions. It uses dice to randomly choose functions for them to add subtract or multiply. I am having trouble fixing the code to get the dice to only roll once. It rolls and then when you click in the table to record your answers it changes. So not sure where my coding is off. Also would there be a way for a check so students know if they were right.

Change the definition in of t_0 in the graph CL to this:

number("t_0"): when btn4.pressCount=1 and btn4.timeSincePress(1)=0 1 
               otherwise  btn4.timeSincePress(1)

…since the animation is based on the time t_0, and displays the final value at t_0=1, but the time resets when the table has focus.