Add complex numbers support to Desmos

I personally think that complex number support for Desmos would be very helpful for teaching and just for experimenting. People who make Desmos art could also use complex numbers to rotate things, making some tasks far easier. Don’t you guys think that Desmos should add support for complex numbers? And I know that you can just make functions to make points multiply the same way that complex numbers do, but that removes the simplicity and beauty of complex numbers. I want to be able to put sqrt(-9) into Desmos and have it return 3i. I want to be able to use Euler’s identity to visualise and create graphs for things like the Fourier Transform. I want to play around with complex numbers and Desmos is the best and most visually appealing graphing calculator out there. Geogebra is just too slow and complicated to use. I don’t think implementing complex numbers would be too hard for the Desmos team, plus it would make Desmos the best graphing calculator by far.

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