Question regarding the desmos calculator

(May be a question for Jay) Why does it seem like the desmos calculator is in degree mode but the math input line is in radians? Is there a way to force the math input to be in degrees? I am having students solve for sides using trig ratios and if they put he answer in the desmos calc they will get the degree decimal, and if they put it in the math input line they will get the radian decimal and this can cause errors when coding because if I do a correctness check I think the CL is also in degrees and thus it wont accept the answer shown in the math input unless I do a conversion in the code.

Yeah, thats a bummer. Currently CL works in radians only, including graphs that have been broken down for navigation or hidden. We’re exploring options now, but whether that will come in the form of a CL sink or an activity level toggle I can’t be certain.

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No worries, its not to bad throwing an extra line of code in to do some conversions on the back end, so not that big of a deal really. Out of curiosity though, why are the calculator and the math input line on different modes though? or is that just what worked out best for both?