Adding check to Dashboard

Hi all,

Thank you all for being awesome.

I would like to make a couple changes to this assignment and I need some support.

I would like it to make a check mark on the DASHBOARD when all of these criteria are met:
a) Both tables are filled out correctly.
b) The points in the image have all been dragged to the correct spot.


Hi @Duncan_Devlin,

Currently you won’t be able to produce checkmarks or Xs on the teacher dashboard for any of these screens since you are asking for a text input. I edited Screen 4 to eliminate the text input and add in correctness checks for the rest of what you had asked for.

Essentially your checks for the table become the sources for the “correct:” sink, and in the graph component, we want the ordered pairs to have the same numerical value as the table, which is what I wrote in.

Hope that helps get you started!