Having a hard time getting those check marks in the dashboard. Help!

I am doing an intermediate tutorial on Desmos Activities at my school to other faculty members and I am having a hard time getting those check marks into my dashboard.

I know this was probably covered elsewhere, and I have been looking but I can’t figure it out. Thanks. Here is the link to my activity:

Looks like you’ve got both readOnly and correct sinks. readOnly: true will tell the dashboard to totally overlook that component when determining correctness (overriding the correct sink). So you’re getting dots because nothing is being evaluated as correct or incorrect.

For a checkmark:

  1. All components that have a correct sink available must have it OR a readOnly sink.
  2. No text inputs or explain prompts are present. It’s assumed you need to check those slides, so you will at best have a dot (though an X will still show if a component is incorrect).

Best practice is to put the correct sinks where student input actually occurs. Correct sinks won’t be evaluated if there is no interaction with that component. For example, we sometimes use graphs to evaluate correctness but the student doesn’t actually interact with it. A correct sink should be where the student input their answer even if it references the graph for the correctness check.

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thank you Daniel, you made it perfectly make sense.