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Sorry if this has been covered already but I’m just learning how to edit the scripts in desmos and what I’m trying to do is change the Dashboard summary from a dot to a check mark once they have it correct. Any insight to how this can work would be greatly appreciated.

I already have where it can check to see if the students points are in the correct location but if there is an better way than what I have done please let me know.

Here is the link to the activity that I made

Easy. In the script for whichever component is being graded use

correct: condition for being correct

And make sure to mark any other components (except notes and sketch inputs)


So for one of my screens I put this in…

correct: (x1=-4) and (x2=-1) and (x3=-3) and (y1=3) and (y2=4) and (y3=-1)

and it will show the x if it is wrong but won’t show the check. Am I doing something wrong?

have you marked everything else as read only?

I did that for the graph and it does the check mark thank you.

I had the same question and was happy to find the answer here.
Thanks! : )


I am struggling on slide 5 to get a check mark rather than a dot on the student summary. I know it must be something simple-- but so am I :slight_smile:

Here is the lesson

On slide 5, the student is prompted to explain their reasoning. Anytime the student is asked to explain, it will either show a dot or an X, depending on the type of question and whether or not their initial response was correct.

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I am having a similar problem. Kids are getting the right feedback but I’m still seeing Xs even though I should be seeing checks. I’m new to all of this and appreciate your help.

Looks like a simple fix. I think you just had the formatting of your countNumberUsage incorrect. It should look like this:

countNumberUsage(f.latex, 0) = zerocount and countNumberUsage(f.latex, 1) = onecount and countNumberUsage(f.latex, 2)=twocount and countNumberUsage(f.latex, 6)=six4count

When I entered that, I was able to get a check mark on the dashboard and the correct feedback.

I did it!!! Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your time and help so much!!! :grinning: :grinning:

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